Run Unity 5.3.3f1 files on version 4.6

Hi friends and mentors. First excuse for my bad English ;(

I made a game on unity 5.3.3f1 for android and had problem with exporting its APK file (had “aapt.exe” problem that didn’t succeed to solve it). Now I installed 4.6 version of it, cause it haven’t this problem. Now my problem is opening higher version, on installed one… When opening file, unity bug report appears and don’t enter application… Help me for god sake friends (T_T)

Unity projects are not backwards compatible. So if you created the project in 5.3.3, you’ll need to use a version at least as high as that to open it.

I solved my exporting problem! Just installed 5.3.4 and put minimum api 23 (Marshmallow) in it’s location :wink:

Btw thank you @tanoshimi <3