Run Unity game on Tizen Emulator

Hi guys! I am developing a game for Tizen OS. I have setup tizen sdk and tizen emulator. The problem is when I run (Build Settings → Build and Run) the game installs on the emulator but doesnt run. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey, @khubaibqaiser!

The 5.4 version of Unity does not support the Tizen Emulator (
But you’re in luck. Get the 5.5 Beta, then configure/build following this Unity - Manual: Tizen Emulator

But then, when you build, you’ll face the opposite problem: the project will build, but not install on the emulator due to a bug on 5.5.

That’s no problem, though. Just install your newly generated tpk (which is inside and “Emulator” folder inside the destination you chose) on the emulator using the SDB utility present on the tizen sdk folder (works like ADB on Android)

We followed these steps and got our game running! Hope it helps!

I write this for everyone is struggling with the black screen problem on Tizen emulator. This issue seems to be unsolvable but I tried to send it to Tizen for the review anyway and it works on their devices. So, assuming your application works within the Unity editor, be confident and send the application for the review.