Rune glow effect on stones?


Hey guys,
Im trying to create a glow on some of my objects in the scene (refer to image). I only want the glow to appear on the inscriptions on rocks but I still havent figured out a way to do it. Ive tried using the Image Effects Pro package with the Self Illum material but it glows the entire scene as it is a post process effect. Any way to tell it to glow certain sections of an object only?

Hi, you need to create a texture which only has the parts you need to highlight on it.
So in your case the diffuse texture would have the runes on as usual, while a separate texture would have a highlighted ‘glowy’ version of the runes with the same uv’s.
Then as a shader you would choose something like ‘Self-Illumin/Bumped Specular’ which has a slot for the illumination texture which is the ‘glowy’ texture you created for the runes.

The shader basically sets the emissive colour to the rgb of this texture which means it will show those colours regardless of how it is illuminated by scene lights.