Runescape style window?

How would I go about making this? I can do all the HUD etc, but how would I make the actual game above the chat and to the left of inventory / map. As it’s enclosed? Any idea how to do this even if it’s simple, then please help, I’m stuck at this. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Haha, figured something out that’ll do. I put the scripts on a gameobject instead of the camera, thought they had to be on the camera to be shown. If there’s a better way for this let me know ;p

You can set variable “Viewport Rect” either from the inspector, or from code. This specify whit section of the screen the given camera will occupy. You can do this to limit the output of the camera as you describe, or even for split-screen multiplayer.

BTW: if you want clicks outside of the camera to be ignored by certain scripts, all you have to do is check the mouse position and whether it is within the viewport of the camera or not.

Rect camViewport = Camera.main.rect;
Vector3 mousePos = Input.mousePosition;
if (mousePos.x >= camViewport.xMin && mousePos.x <= camViewport.xMax && mousePos.y >= camViewport.yMin && mousePos.y <= camViewport.yMax) {
    // do something only when mouse is within the main game window