Running AngryBots on a iPad

I am a registered Apple Developer and I am able to create apps on my iPad using xCode. I load the Angry Bots project in Unity and make no change to it at all. When I build and run it after choosing ios as the the project type, xCode opens and Angry Bots gets installed on my iPad. I can see the icon installed on my iPad. I see the Unity logo on my iPad and then nothing happens. In xCode I see that Angry Bots has paused and in the first Thread I see the following

0x00169f78 <+0244> cmp r0, #0 ; 0x0
Thread 1: Program received signal CIGARET

When I try and run the App installed on my iPad, the App runs and then quits out.

I write Lua code using the Corona App and this works as advertised in my iPad.

What am I doing wrong. Can someone please help.

All that i did was change the simulator in xCode to iPhone from the default and everything worked as advertised. Can anyone please tell me why?.