Running Unity FREE license on school computers


So my issue is this, I’d love to start developing with Unity, but my laptop PC (as much as I love it) just doesn’t have the power.

So, I decided that the computers at school would fit my needs (I attend the Art institute)
I feel as though the computers there would be powerful enough,however, I know that installation on ONE computer would be fruitless, as the computers are wiped everyday to maintain efficiency.

So, my problem is this; How can I maintain a free license on a computer that I would theoretically install over and over again.
Is there a way to have the software installed on an external HDD that I can then plug into the computer and play? I will re register every time if I have to, but it just seems impossible to make progress when I lose all my data every single time i log off.
This seems to be my only option as I cannot afford to buy a new computer, and have powerful new Macs at my disposal.

Please, I would appreciate any insightful answer that may lead me to be able to develop on the unity platform using one of the school’s computers as stated above.

Thank you very much,


Why not ask your school to purchase Unity licenses?

So because this is a question from 2014, lets answer it with a link from 2010: Unity3d portable installation - Unity Answers
Not sure if this is still possible but he, other people did it.

@jamie225 Did you succeed in that augmented reality thing? I believe AR and VR is the future and we should try out best fill this gap and emerge as an innovative brand. I am onto a hunt of creating my website on AR, lets see how this gonna work :slight_smile:

you need to bypass the admiration usually school administrators are connected to wifi try turning off the wifi and trying it again here is my email if you still need help.

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hope this works (: