Running UnityTest.Batch.RunIntegrationTests in batchmode throws exception

Hey there, trying to run UnityTest.Batch.RunIntegrationTests via batchmode with the following bat script:

cd C:\Program Files\Unity537\Editor\
start /WAIT Unity.exe -batchmode -projectPath C:\Users\Admin\Documents\MyProject -executeMethod UnityTest.Batch.RunIntegrationTests -testscenes=MyTestScene -resultsFileDirectory=C:	emp\

Upon trying this, the result is the following:

Aborting batchmode due to failure:
executeMethod method UnityTest.Batch.RunIntegrationTests threw exception.

Running integration tests in editor works fine. I am on Unity 5.3.7f1. Anyone know how to resolve this or how to get more debug info? Can’t find a log file in the supplied directory or the Unity directory.

Log file documentation reveals that I was looking in the wrong spot for the log file: Unity - Manual: Log files

Upon inspection, UnityTest.Batch was trying to use SceneManager.LoadScene instead of EditorSceneManager.OpenScene. Correcting this resolved the problem.