Running Update() in background while iOS alert or webview is active

I’m working on an iOS game that keeps a persistent connection to a server. There is an object in my scene with a behavior whose Update() method keeps a timer and every so often sends a heartbeat message to the server so that it doesn’t get disconnected due to being idle.

I’m using prime31’s Etcetra and Storekit plugins. I’ve noticed that while any of the following are active, the above object’s Update() method isn’t called:

  • A webview created by EtcetraBinding.showWebPage()
  • A popup created by EtcetraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButtons()
  • Any of the native popups associated with StoreKitBinding.purchaseProduct() (the confirmation popup, the prompt to enter the user’s apple ID, and the resulting successful purchase notice).

Is there any way for me to have the object’s behavior continue to run in the background while any of these are active so that the user doesn’t get disconnected from the server by the idle timeout while, for example, looking at a webview or attempting to make a purchase?