Runtime Baked Lighting

As part of a college project I’m using Unity to design procedurally generated cities. While dynamic lighting is a pro feature, I was wondering if there’s any way to bake the lighting at run-time, as doing so in the editor isn’t plausible since levels will be generated later. From what I’ve found here already, the Beast lighting engine is purely in editor, for size and licensing reasons. Is there any other way to handle this in the free version? I’m okay with spending a smaller sum of money on a set of scripts from the asset store or something if necessary, I just really can’t afford the upgrade to pro if I plan to attend college again next semester as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your time,
Timothy Sassone

I’m having a similar problem. It’s really come down to unwrapping the uvs myself and doing the lightmapping myself using the legacy lightmap shaders to render the result. I’m still having trouble doing the unwrapping since I cannot use UnityEditor.Unwrapping, though convienient. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate a Asset Store item that did this.