Runtime error in editor + exported build?

I’ve finished an ultra-detailed project, based on the bigbang. As you might imagine, there’s overwell a crap load of particles at once, but once I finally managed to finish my project, it now crashes after a couple of seconds when I play.

Here’s in the editor:


Here’s the crash from the exported project after a few seconds:


I tried reducing the amount of particles, but it doesn’t work, neither help. I’m running Unity 4.5.0f6 while using Windows 7. As it might look like a technical issue with my laptop, here’s my PC’s specs:

-Windows 7 Professional

-Intel i5 3210M @ 2.50GHz /w Intel HD Graphics 4000

-NVIDIA GeForce GT650M 1GB

-6.00GB RAM

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Have you checked the log file?