Runtime vs. Editor

Hi, I’m Aaron

The scripting referes to Runtime and Editor classes being different.

I’m glad I found some way to seperate the two in some kind of context, but its incredibly vague to me.

Things are split up like this:

  1. Runtime Classes
  2. Editor Classes

And each has Enumerations and Attributes.

Whats the difference between Runtime and Editor classes? And what are Enumerations and Attributes?

I don’t wanna bother anyone, but a sentence explanation for each thing would be nice. My mom is a computer teacher and she doesn’t know what it is. And my teachers dont really seem to have time for me.

I tried asking questions on stackexchange sites, but they dont like my questions. So I never get answered. Please dont ban my question. I’m just really confused.

The fact you don’t know what Enumerations and Attributes are tells me that you don’t know even basic C# programming.
Basically, a Runtime class is a class that inherits MonoBehavior, and executes during gameplay (runtime).
An Editor class is a class that runs and extends Unity Editor itself. Useful for doing editor extensions, new menu funcionalities in Unity and so on. It doesn’t inherit Monobehavior, it inherits Editor (if I recall properly).

I strongly suggest that before you delve further into Unity programming, you take some time to learn general C# programming. If you don’t have a base to hold on to, how can you even start unity programming? Do not try to understand how Unity classes work when you don’t even know what a enumerator is, or class attributes. Go step by step.