Russian characters being displayed as special characters


I have an issue where I have a name that uses Russian characters. When it is rendered on screen, the name is just composed of special characters. Not sure how to get it to display correctly.

The name is: России-название Теста-характер

It is being displayed as: России-назван&#x…

I know it’s some kind of encoding issue, but I don’t know how to fix. I’ve tried using WWW.UnEscapeURL( str ) which doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

Unity works perfectly with unicode text rendering. There might be lots of problems: are you sure text source is unicode too? Is font unicode-enabled and unicode-capable for cyrillic letters? Problem will always arise if you try to convert non-unicode string into unicode string… Like OS path or any URI in general or native char stream. If this is inputted by user, problem might be in input method. This was especially common when cp1252 fallback was in windows before unicode era.
If this doesn’t help you to pinpoint the issue, please, provide more information.

P.S.Regarding this mighty “России-название Теста-характер” - it is gibberish anyway. I am saying this from Russia, Moscow xD