S.O.S: Tiny Tree Issues.

I am a VR student, I just recently started using UNITY 2.6.1 for a uni project, so far so good. I've been following the tutorials and such, but i'm really stuck!

The terrain size is 500x500 (like the tutorial) then i try and paint on the trees, but they come out SUPER TINY, i even maxed out the size for the tree (Max 200),but still it's barely visible. Is there a setting i can change somewhere? or something. I keep redoing the tutorial to see if i skipped something, but it still turns out the same.

I tried just drag/dropping the tree onto the terrain but then i don't get the tree sway motion in play.


Try this:

Go to your tree in the project pane. Find the "FBX Importer" section, and adjust the "Scale Factor" up.

I'm having the same problem (I get the impression this is a pretty common point of confusion). I can't find the FBX Importer section, where exactly is it?

unfortunately procedural trees does not have FBX settings.
check this 1 on how to scale procedural trees in terrain.