S-Pen support in Unity 4.6 new UI

I’ve developped a new app using unity 4.6 new UI tools, but S-Pen doesn’t work in new UI Graphic Raycasters.

S-Pen works without any problem in other normal raycasters to rigidbodys2d that I have in the game.

S-Pen is the pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or other Samsung tablets. I searched in this forums and I didn’t see anyone having the same issue like me.

Anyone had the same issue? I’m using the latest 4.6.1p2 version of Unity.

You can test what I said in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puyapps.puzzlemaniac (the main menu, the top yellow bar in each level… uses the new Unity 4.6.1p2 UI)

The solution to this was surprisingly easy.

In your EventSystem component you have to enable the Standalone Input Module for mobile devices. After that the Pen is working as expected.

However, you’ll also want to disable the original Touch Input Module because the two are interfering with each other. If you don’t disable the Touch Input Module and touch a button with your finger the OnClick event won’t get fired every time.



I just noticed, that if you use the Standalone Input Module, you loose multi-touch capability. So it looks like you have to decide if you are either supporting S-Pen or multi-touch. Not very satisfying…

I have the same problem.