SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game

Hi everyone,
we are trying to make a computer RPG about social anxiety disorder.

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game is an experimental indie computer RPG game about social anxiety. Currently in development for PC, MAC, Linux, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android devices.
In SAD RPG we try to familiarize players with Social Anxiety Disorder, this game is our story about dealing with it.

SAD RPG video teaser:

Planed features:
- first person perspective
- turn based, tactical combat
- modern day setting
- skills development
- non linear storyline
- open world quests
- unique graphic
- unique soundtrack
- story about social anxiety disorder
- educational elements
- platforms: PC, MAC, Linux, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android

SAD RPG is currently in development by Evil Indie Games, we plan to release it in Q4 2020 on Steam Early Access (PC, MAC, Linux) and in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

If you are interested in our game you can add it to your wishlist on Steam here:

I'm glad sad is an acronym, I came to see if it was

I didn't understand the "turn based, tactical combat" feature. How is that going to be used in a game like this?

Our game will be a computer role-playing game where player confronts some aspects of social anxieties in the metaphorical form.
An "encounter with anxiety" will be shown as turn based "combat" with different actions, skills and items to use.
In SAD RPG we want to merge some mechanics from walking simulators, exploration games, single player RPGs and jRPGs

Some screens from SAD RPG development:

It's a rather strange game, I must say. This is the feeling I felt when I was under a psychedelic drug or under mushrooms from These mushrooms were exactly the remedy that often helped to relax and relieve tension, getting rid of anxiety and excitement. I think that this game will become more popular if you work on improving the graphics, thinking through the plot and some details on the characters. It is in this case that your game can be successful, I believe