safety Unity3D

Hello to everyone, thanks for the help , I would like to further information: I’m trying to make a game that will literally reward players , I wonder if Unity3D is secure against attacks from hacks , because in my game there will be many secret codes . Players getting codes segretos entitled to prizes.
My fear is that someone with knowledge can break the security and sabotage my project . Question: Is there any way to encrypt the secret code ?

Short answer - no.

Longer answer - Click this link.

Nothing is secure once it’s out in the open. The only real secure way is with cloud gaming services like OnLive, Gaikai or GFace (when it’s out of beta).

And even then it’s not 100% secure (see just about anyything on Wikileaks).

My game will not be played on the network, I will make available for download. You feel more vulnerable in this case. Thanks for the help