Saitek X52 Axis Limitations

Hello community,

I have a slight issue developing my flight simulator for unity. I’m using a Saitek X52 (Basic) as my test bed for the project and for some unusual reason the only input unity is giving back to me is a -1, 0, 1. Which makes it hard to precisely identify the throttle position.

I’ve tried changing the sensitivity as suggested in other posts.
I’ve attempted using Input.GetAxisRaw but the results are the same.

If anyone has any guidance or advice on the related issue I would much appreciate it as it is currently holding me back and I’m at a point where I can’t progress without properly working axis controls.

Thanks for the reply, I tried the solution you suggested and I’ve managed to get the input to pick up values between absolute -1,0,1 I just had to adjust the sensitivity on the axis to 0.01. with that said the I’m currenty clamped between those values. which for a throtle axis which should only have at least zero or one it’s a whole new issue all together.