Same exe file behave different in two PC´s... why?

I built my project to execute on my PC, in my desktop computer it behaves exaclty as it does in the editor, so I can play the game without any problem, but in my friend’s laptop it plays animations at radically different speeds, so he is unable to play it. We are using exactly the same exe file I’m running on my PC (including the game_Data folder), just copy pasted it through the local net… What could could be the problem???..

If I build the proyect for Android and install it on my cel phone, the bahavior I get is almost the same I get on the PC… so I don’t understand why in such different devices the behaviour difference is so little, while in devices of the same techonology is so high… any one can give light in this?

Make FPS counter in your game

IF your friends framerate is smaller than yours (or < 24 FPS)
Than it is problem with his laptop.
Or maybe your game is badly optimized