Same Material but Difference between Levels,Platforms with same material but look different in between scenes

I am currently making a platformer and I was looking at the platforms’ materials; one has it darker than the other however both platforms have the exact same material (241E1E) and the light source hasn’t changed between the two scenes. Do anyone know how to fix the rendering issue?,I am currently making a platformer and looking between the two levels I have made for it, one of them appears to be darker than the other. The platforms have the same material with the same hexdecal code 241E1E along with the Light source being the exact same. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Had the same problem. For me the solution was simple thankfully:

  1. go to the newly created scene,
  2. open the Lighting settings (can be found in Windows > Rendering > Lighting settings),
  3. scroll all the way down and check the Auto Generate option, which for some reason is disabled by default when creating new scenes.

If this does not resolve the problem, I suggest anyway tinkering with some of the options in the lighting settings.