Same material, different meshes, different tiling

I am developing a game for the mobile platform.
My terrain is procedural and made of blocks (like the old 2D games)
All the boxes will have the same texture but a different tiling, how do i achieve this?
Can i use the same material?
I am completely ignorant about how many times happens a draw call, how it works, and if the material has one instance or a copy for every mesh. Thx in andvance to everyone!

The simplest way to handle this situation is to create multiple materials and set the tiling there. I am not a mobile developer so I do not know how costly this would be for a mobile device but I imagine it is cheaper memory wise than attempting anything in code.

How are your blocks created? In code? Imported from a modelling program? It sounds to me like you need only a single material containing a texture atlas, but to define the appropriate UV coordinates for each block so that pick the correct texture and tiling from that material.