Same material looks different in different projects

In Project A, I have a scene with many objects with different materials. When I export the scene and then import the package into a new project, all materials look shinier/glossier/more metallic as in the old project (see images) even though

  • all settings of the material in the inspector are the same, and
  • all Lighting settings are the same in both projects
  • there are the exact same light sources in the scene in both projects (in the same location relative to the objects)

This is what it looks like in project A:

This is what it looks like when I export it and load it into another project:

This happens for all materials I export from project A, and it does not matter into which project it is imported, it will always become “glossier” like this (only stays the same if I copy project A, even if I delete all assets from the copy of A).

What am I overlooking?

Hey, just wanted to verify that I was having the exact same problem and that changing the color space from LINEAR back to GAMMA fixed the problem.

(It was a problem because I was rendering a camera’s RenderTexture to a Texture2D and the resultant Texture2D was off significantly from what the render showed.

Have you checked the Color Space setting under Player Settings → Other Settings → Rendering?