Same object random spawn

How can I randomly pick from an array and spawn that object all the time. I want to pick one gameobject from array and spawn only it. I have 2 colors of gamobjects and I want to randomly pick one and instantiate only 1 randomly picked. My code:

public float spawnDelay;

public GameObject[] car;

public Transform spawnPoint;

public float nextTimeToSpawn = 0f;

void Update()
    if (nextTimeToSpawn <= Time.time)
        nextTimeToSpawn = Time.time + spawnDelay;
void SpawnCar()

    int carIndex = Random.Range(0, car.Length);
    GameObject randomCar = car[carIndex];
    Instantiate(randomCar, spawnPoint.position, spawnPoint.rotation);

What is the problem with your code?