Samsung Gear VR .. quickstart guide?

I’m surprised there isn’t a written quickstart guide (or really any guide), to going from launching Unity on your PC, through to having a gear VR app running in your note4/gear.

Am I missing something? Cheers!

The SDK is still in beta. But the process is fairly simple. Here was the process for starting a new project with the Unity 4 plugin.

  1. Download Oculus Unity plugin from So, that’s the “Oculus Mobile SDK”… A folder with about 20 items, named ovr_mobile_sdk_0.5.1 presently. See image at bottom.
  2. Start a new project in Unity if not started
  3. Replace your ProjectSettings folder with the one in the download at VrUnity/UnityIntegration/ProjectSettings
  4. Import the package at VrUnity/UnityIntegration/UnityIntegration.unitypackage
  5. Open a scene
  6. Replace the Main Camera object with OVRCameraRig from Assets/OVR/Prefabs
  7. Put stuff in your scene
  8. Get your signature file from Signature files let you run Oculus apps on your device without going through the Oculus Store. You need one for each device you test on.
  9. Put your signature file in Assets/Plugins/Android/assets/
  10. Build and Run

The process is a little different for adding GearVR to an existing project:

Step 3. Don’t copy the files. Instead copy the settings. One way to do this is by putting the Project Settings into an empty project and copying them into the actual project.

Step 6. You may prefer to use the OVRPlayerController prefab or build your own rig.

Here’s how to get the “Oculus Mobile SDK” from


BTW, perhaps surprisingly this does work perfectly on a Mac. Essentially, just connect a Note4s to your mac using the USB cable which comes with the Note4s and follow the above steps. Don’t forget to enable “developer mode” on the phone (google anywhere for explanation, is trivial). Unity will indeed alert you when you need to instal the “JDK” and so on, which is now painless. (You do not have to install “android Studio” per se: although it is now trivial to do so, and harmless to the process here if you do so.) In some ways, Unity Android development is easier on a Mac, since, very fortunately modern Macs always instantly and reliably couple to all modern Samsungs: on PC you sometimes have “driver problems” to get the USB device recognised. (As a general Android tip on Mac, just use the “Build And Run” button, is simple and automatic. Using “Build” can be tricky.)

If you struggle to get the ** Device ID of the Note4s, in step 8 above**, note that, very conveniently, Unity announces the Device ID when it builds to a phone! it flashes onscreen for a second. The Device ID in question has exactly this format: 2e79c44b. There is only one Device ID with that format. The Device ID with this format: 58364B83BBD5B7CD is irrelevant. (There are a number of "Device ID"s on Androids.) Further, on the PlayStore there is a free app “Device ID by Evozi” (blue icon) which correctly tells you “that” Device ID (the other “Device ID” free apps, tell you the wrong Device ID). Hope it saves someone a few minutes.

Note that when you take a Note4s and Gear out of the box, and fit the Note to the Gear for the first time, you do have to download & install various consumer GearVR software (all completely automatic). You do have to do this before using it for development attached to a PC or Mac.