Sand-like effect plane


I am trying to create a plane that has features of sand:

When I drop a rigidbody (e.g. sphere) onto the plane, it will create the shape of the object (just like dropping a basketball on the sand, it will create the ball shape mark on the sand and the mark will stay.

I have tried using interactive cloth and played around with the settings (e.g. tear factor) but don’t seem to work.

If I could be provided with some step-by-step instructions that would be great! Thanks

That’s not going to be a step by step as I’ve never done it, I’ll just throw ideas.

Maybe you could use a height map with a bump / normalmap shader, on the sand. The difficulty here will be to fill that heightmap when something hit the floor. If you have unity pro, you cood try with a render to texture of an orthographic camera, looking down. Or find a way to project a mesh onto a 2D plane then manually editing the height map pixels.

Doesn’t seem easy though, good luck.