Sausage Bodies in Unity

So I’ve recently been looking into creating a player character that wobbles about a bit like the sausages in Handguns, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, shown below:


I had a look around and came across two methods for creating “wobbly” objects:

  • Mesh deformation, either by using an asset store package or from a library. I’m still not sure how to use these, most of them look quite expensive either computationally or to my wallet, and they seem like I’d be overcomplicating it for what I’m trying to achieve.

  • Using Unity’s “cloth” physics and hijacking the parameters, using a skinned mesh renderer. However, this changed for Unity 5, and all the info I can find is outdated.

How would I go about creating a bendy player character that is affected by forces applied to its rigidbody, if that’s possible?

There are a lot of softbody packages on the asset store, however they are all somewhat expensive.

You can also just set up a ragdoll, and controll it through forces and joint motors. Your model needs to be correctly setup to properly react to it.