Save a gameobject as prefab on button press.,Is there a way for the player to create a prefab with a button press?

Is there a way to save a prefab of an object at the press of a UI.Button?

I have a gameObject called gameManager which contains every instanced object on my game. I want to be able to save/load it at button press.

Is there a way to do so or are prefabs only create-able on Unity Editor?,I was thinking of a a save/load system that saves a whole gameObject called “GameManager” which contains everything about the game to a prefab, and then loading it if the player wishes to. Is there a way to let the user save a prefab with the push of a UI.Button?

This may help you a bit i guess.

// Save the transform's GameObject as a prefab asset.
PrefabUtility.CreatePrefab(prefabPath, trans.gameObject);

the trans.gameObject is the object you want to be the prefab

What you need to do is:
a) Serialize your game object to be able to save/load it at runtime.
b) Write an editor utility to load your saved game object and make a prefab out of it
It’s no easy task but you could probably find some plugins to help you with that.

Thanks for everyone’s time. I managed to select which GameObjects were enabled/disabled by getting every child object on the GameManager GO, saving a string array (1 if neabled, 0 if disabled) (using PlayerPrefs) and then loading the string, passing it to a int array and setting the state of the GO using said array.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Game_Manager : MonoBehaviour {
    // Stores a list of every gameObject as child on the GameManager gameObject.
    public List<GameObject> childList = new List<GameObject>();

    // Used to transform the PlayerPrefs Load string to an array.
    private char[] charArray;

    // Used together with CharArray to set 
    public List<int> isEnabledLoad = new List<int>();

    void Start()
        // Adds every child of the gameManager to a gameObject list.
        foreach (Transform child in this.transform)

	public void Save()
        // Creates a string to store gameObject Active state using PlayerPrefs.
        string enabledString = "";

        // If the child GO is disabled, concatenate a 1 to 'enabledString', else, concatenate a 0.
        foreach (GameObject child in childList)
            if (child.activeInHierarchy)
                enabledString += '1';
                enabledString += '0';

        PlayerPrefs.SetString("savestate", enabledString);

    public void Load()
        // Transforms the Save string to a char array.
        charArray = PlayerPrefs.GetString("savestate").ToCharArray();

        // For each char in charArray, parse the value to integer and add it to an Integer List.
        foreach(char c in charArray)

        // Loops throught the Integer list and if the value is 0, disable the child GO.
        for (int i = 0; i < childList.Count; i++)
            if(isEnabledLoad *== 0)*