Save all scene data to a file, to user defined location? C# / JS

I am trying to create an application with Unity, and it requires saving a lot of data. I would like to save all the scene data (script variables, object positions, objects in the scene, etc.) to a file, at the user defined location on the disk. If the file already exists, it would read it, otherwise it would create it.

If someone could point me to the required script reference(s), or even give a straight answer, that’d be great.

I really recommend you use UnitySerializer by whydoidoit. It can do a lot of things and I think it covers your needs.
With UnitySerializer you can easily select the objects that should be saved using a Wizard. You can then Save to a file or server. It is good if you want to save entire scenes. It also supports RoomManagement. You can save your specific ObjectTrees and also specific variables ar arrays/lists to a specific file.

Just go have a look :slight_smile: oh and I forgot about the best thing - it’s free.

@Fattie recommended me UnitySerializer some time ago and I’m happy with it (just facing some problems on iOS currently)