Save and Load Function

Hey i have a game where i want to save my progress in a scene and then be able to load the state of the game when it was saved with a load function in another scene, taking me back to the game scene with the objects in its last saved state.
I heard of Playerprefs but i dont know much about it and how it works.
I have a couple of lists with alot of elements i want to save, i have gameobjects with different positions i want to save, i have some static ints i want to save etc. Most importantly i want my lists to keep its elements and not be empty once i try to load another scene.
How do i go about using Playerprefs to save my game and then loading it from another scene, and also making a new game and deleting the saved data.

Unity has no support for this. You eityher get some plugin or do it yourself.

Take a look at my SerializeHelper asset I made for people like you :slight_smile: It’s free, comprehensively explained and teaches you the basics of saving and loading progress.