Save and load player position in main scene

I am trying to make an art gallery (scene 1) with a picture inspector mode (scene 2). The player roams around the art gallery and can click a painting which triggers the inspector mode. The inspector mode gives details about the painting as well as a larger scale of the painting on the whole screen, which I incorporated in a different scene. When a new click is registered, the main scene will be reloaded, but the player position will of course be the default one. What should I do to load the player’s position of just before clicking the painting and entering the inspector mode (scene 2)? I want to be able to finish inspecting a painting (re-enter scene 1) and then continue exploring the gallery from the spot the scene 2 was triggered.,I am trying to make an art gallery with an inspector mode. The art gallery itself is the main scene, while the inspector which offers a larger scale of a certain picture and details about it, is another scene. The player basically roams the gallery and when he clicks a picture he enters the inspector (which is a different scene GUI based that shows the specific picture with details about it. The next click will return the player to the gallery. Everything works fine so far except the fact when I return to the main scene (the gallery), the player position resets to the default one, and I don’t know how to make it load the player position of just before loading the inspector (clicking on a picture). So what I need is that after I exit the inspector (the second scene), the player position remains the one from before clicking the picture that triggered the inspector.

A simple way is to create a Vector3 and a Quaternion in a static class and store and retrieve the player’s position and rotation from there.

For example:

public static class PlayerData() { // do not place this PlayerData script on any game object
     public static Vector3 playerPos;
     public static Quaternion playerRot; //only if you need to save the player's orientation 

Then in your code:   PlayerData.playerPos = playerOrCamera.transform.position;

// and to load it do the reverse
playerOrCamera.transform.position =  PlayerData.playerPos;