save and load screen

hi, I was wondering if it is possible to make a save area in my game so that I can have a checkpoint and when you walk through it, the game will auto save. Then on the main menu I wanted a load game button that will load from that last checkpoint where you were.

I am not good at scripting at all so a link or the code would be great.

Also I wanted to make a collider with the trigger set to true for the checkpoints.

Thanks in advance

"also is posted in forums"

For the scene saving, have a look at this previous question:

For the trigger -

  1. Create an empty gameObject and assign a SphereCollider to it.
  2. Enable the isTrigger property in the SphereCollider (have a look at the wiki what triggers are).
  3. Assign the following script to your gameObject:

    var player:Collider;
    function OnTriggerEnter(other:Collider)
      Debug.Log( + " has touched the trigger");
      if(other == player)
        Debug.Log("It is the player!");
        // Here you save your scene
        // SaveYourCheckpoint();
  4. Reference your character (FPS or anything with a rigidbody collider) to the player variable in this script.
  5. If your character now walks into the trigger area, it should cause two messages: "XYZ has touched the trigger" and "It is the player!".

For your load button, refer this.

(code is untested, but I think it should work)