Save and Load System of multiple objects in scene?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to create a save load system to save multiple objects and their positions in the scene.

Not sure if there’s a good native way to do this outside the Editor, but for our game, Fossil Hunters, we created a system that gathered up all the objects that matched a specific interface (called ISaveObject) and saved a custom set of data (prefab name for re-instantiation, position, rotation, scale, and ‘extra data’) as an array of objects in a per-scene JSON file. On scene load, if a JSON file was found matching the scene, we would destroy all the ISaveObjects found in the scene, and instantiate the ones found saved in the JSON file. This required all of our saved objects to be located in a /Resources folder.

It’s not as simple as you want it to be I’m guessing, it is already covered here, and it appears the submitter of the answer even gives you tips on how to save position and rotation:

If you want a less stressful solution, use an asset in the asset store; there should be free ones available, but the best are Easy Save or Odin Serializer, with either of these two assets you should be able to get help from their community to do that if it doesn’t make sense with the tutorials they provide in those assets.

this video might help i just sent the last 30 minutes writing a reply then got stuck myself and came across this. i it solves my prolem hopfully it can solve yours