Save and Load Texture to Resource folder for Android

So I have Scene1 where I download textures from a web server and save them to .png files. In Scene2 I load the updated .png files into the textures of my game. Now on testing when ran in unity I can observe the files being downloaded, saved and updated from my web server in Scene1 and I can see the correct updated textures displayed in Scene2. All good.

However when I run this on my android device the texture do not update. My internet connection on android works well as it updates other PlayerPrefs with no trouble. I cant seem to find the application in the device’s directories to view the updated files. Where can I find the resource folder of my application on my android device? Am I missing something like android write permissions or something?

It sounds like what you are doing is downloading files to the Resources folder and using something like Resources.Load() to load them. The Resources folder does not exist in a built…any build. It only exists in the editor. For a runtime solution to this problem, you will need to write the files out to somewhere you know you have permission. See Application.persistentDataPath for one solution that works on most builds. You can load them back into the app using the WWW class. You prepend “file://” to the path and pass it to the WWW constructor.