Save data without playerprefs [android]

I know playerprefs is an easy way to save data, but I’m handling much more complex data files now.

I read this post which seems legit, but I have a few questions:

  • Does the method in the link above, keep data saved when the app is deleted and reïnstalled, or updated? I know playerprefs also deletes the data when the app is removed, but keeps it when it’s updated.
  • Is there a more detailed guide on the method above, or maybe one you prefer? And does it succeed in my expectations?

Thanks for your time

  1. see Unity - Scripting API: Application.persistentDataPath

  2. It’s just ordinary .NET code, the only thing Unity related there is the usage of Application.persistentDataPath. So you should be able to find more detailed information on this anywhere on the web, in books, …