save game menu


I would like to save the progress of my game.
I created a cube in the menu, I click that link to save your progress. How do I do?

I have a script.

function Update () {

if (Input.GetMouseUp (0))

Application.Savelevel (3);


This script I have assigned to the cube (is trigger) but it does not work the rescue. Can anyone help me?
Thank you.

You have to use a plug in to save the progress of a level or write the code yourself and put the information in a file or in PlayerPrefs. Plugins make it simpler, but it is never easy as you need to worry about all of the stuff that needs to be saved; scripting it yourself can be tricky if your levels are not simple.

I provide a free plugin called Unity Serializer.

I used Unity Serializer AND i get the pause menu, but there is no mouse support in there to click the save button. Any idea how i can resolve this?