save gameObject to assetBundle


Could Someone Help me out?

I want to save in Game made GameObject in AssetBundle - so it can be Instantiated later in another scene if needed…

Have anyone got Your own example how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

You can not create asset-bundles in game. They are just some kind of extention that can be loaded at runtime. Assetbundles can only be created in the editor. The ready-built game itself can’t do any changes to it’s own game files. To save the state of a script or something like that you have to find your own way.

There are a lot possibilities but they are quite differenr depending what platform you target. In the webplayer you can only use PlayerPrefs to save any data on the client pc. You can also send the data to your server and save it in a database on the server.

Standalone and iPhone / Android are possible to use .Net’s System.IO to save any custom file you want. Just search for serialization methods.