Save & Load Game question


i am using save & load game javascript from unitywiki here the script so, my question is in my game i have 4 different scenes & i want add these scene information in the save game script, means this script save only player position so, when i start the second scene & press the save button & then quite the game next time i start first scene so basically i want to start my second level so i just click the load button & then i want to start second scene(which i already save when i playing second scene)

i don't know how to do that can someone tell me how to do that

sorry for the english but my sure you get it my point thanks

Well you could save the level name or number in a variable and save that alongside the position of the player. Then when you load you can call Application.LoadLevel().

simply put the Application.loadedLevel in your save data and then use it to load back the level again at load time. maybe you must try that