Save/load not work on mobile phone


i created my first App on my PC with unity on it and created a save/load system, i can see a file was created and i also have data and values between multiple runs. So i think it works well.

I use two different methods regarding this article:
[article] (Saving Game Data with Unity - Simple Talk “article”)


  1. PlayerPrefs – The Easy Way

  2. Serialization – The Not So Easy Way

I first worked with the second way, it was trickey but it worked very well and it was easy to debug later because i always was able to delete this bin file.

I transfered my app later as testbuild to my phone and nothing was been saved. So i changed to the PlayerPrefs - way. This worked well on my PC but also not in my App version.

What am i doing wrong?

  • is there some Player Setting i need to do?
  • is this something my phone causes?
  • how can i test this by owning only one phone?^^

I am very thankful for help. Thanks in advanced, Dave.

made it! - oh boy!