Save/Load Objects settings(position, rotation ...)

Hi guys,

i have created an editor in unity 3D, you can import a 3D model, walkaround and place scanners around that model. Scanner is a prefab with lot of scripts,lights and other stuff which you can set up in the scanner settings.
I want to upgrade my project with a save/load function so i red something about saving in unity (serialization , something with xml…) … but i dont know which one method is better for me … or if it isnt better to create my own … but i need some help and ideas …
My first question is … if i can save my editor stat to an file so the user can save different configurations …
Second how to save some values of an object … i have an idea to save all scanner’s settings (mostly float values) … and then during loading just create scanner on a saved position and set the saved values … but how can i save values of a scanner if i dont know ho many scanners will the user place ??? should i use some struct or something like that?

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

Use Unity Serializer found here. It will save all object positions into a string and you can store that however you want. It has a few examples included. This is my implementation of it, .