Save/load playerprefs

I am making a relatively simple game, but i want to know how to save it. I made it using quite a few scripts and i ave two scenes: main menu and the actual game. I want to save the players position and some variables and then be able to have the option to either load them, or make a new file. It would be nice to be able to save up to three or so files. I heard about playerprefs and learned some stuff about it, but i could only find stuff about highscores.

I tried the playerprefs.getint in a script, it didn't work. here's the script i tried it on, before i put in the playerprefs script. It's supposed to respawn an enemy a certain number of times and then stopped. I just wanted, for now, to save how many times it respawned an enemy:

var Beholder : Transform;
var targetThing : Transform;
var Weapon: Transform;
beholder.thing = targetThing;
beholder.weapon = Weapon;
var deathTimer : int = 0;
var maxRespawns : int;

var respawnCount : int = 0.0;

function Update () 



        if(deathTimer == 50 && respawnCount < maxRespawns)
            deathTimer = 0;
            beholder.death = false;
            var newBeholder = Instantiate(Beholder, transform.position, transform.rotation);


To save player preferences its actually really simple. They are saved between game sessions and are very easy to use.

Examples (Javascript):

//set a string to a player preference called "MyString"
PlayerPrefs.SetString("MyString", "MyValue");
//now retrieve this value
var test : String = PlayerPrefs.GetString("MyString");
//see? it works with ints too.
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("MyInt", 2);

You can find a complete list of functions by (in unitron) Typing PlayerPrefs, highlighting it, and then hitting the search documentation button.

Hope this helps, Christian Stewart