save meshfilter for retrieval even after app termination iphone android

What is the best way to save a mesh (edited at runtime) for retrieval after an app has terminated (available also for future sessions when the app is run)?

Is there a method more straight-forward than converting it to something like obj, then using an obj importer? It seems like some unnecessary processing, if the end target view client will simply be the same Unity engine app that reads meshfilters

What you need to do is serialize the MeshFilter to disk. Unfortunately, Unity's support for serialization is pretty poor. You'll have to roll your own (like dumping MeshFilter properties to disk as XML or a binary blob, as well as mesh instances), or do the lengthy process that you mentioned.

Although honestly I'm not sure how the way that you mention would work. My knowledge is honestly a little lacking in this area.

If you want to read more about serialization in C#, check out this link: