Save path of navigation

Hello everyone. I’m a new Unity user.
I wondered if I can save the 2D path (coordinates x,y,z) of the main camera, each second.
I’m a really beginner, so I don’t have enough script knowledge.

Thanks in advance

I’m assuming you want to save the 3D path, since you say you want the x, y, z coordinates?

Anyway, in c# you would do something like this:

// the camera you want to monitor
    public Camera cam;
    // a list to keep the coordinates in
    List<Vector3> coordinateHistory = new List<Vector3>();
    void Start(){
        InvokeRepeating("SaveCoordinates", 0, 1);
    void SaveCoordinates(){

I’m not sure how long this will work before your array of coordinates starts to take up too much space - you may need to look into writing the array to a file every so often to prevent running out of memory.