Save project in Windows, open in OSX

I have two computers, A windows machine and an iMac.

My ideal workflow is to use the Windows to work on my project then open the project in my iMac so i can build it to iOS device.

I prefer working on unity (unity 4) with my windows machine because i have two monitors, nicer keyboard, nicer mouse etc. But unfortunately, since my games are for iOS, i can’t build them. So i use my iMac to open the same project that i created in my windows machine (shared hard drive).

But when i open the the project on the mac, i got a dialog box “Importing assets…” that took about a minute. I keep getting that same “importing assets…” anytime i move the mac mouse or anytime i click on something or sometimes just randomly. The importing assets… dialog stays on the screen for about 45 secs and it’s very annoying. The project has absolutely nothing except for 1 scene with a box and a directional light.
Also, when i build the project, XCode installs it into my iPhone ok. Now, when i open the app on my iPhone it displays the unity splash and the app crashes (closes out and returns to my iPhone home page).

What is going on? What am i missing?

However, if i create the project with my iMac (save it on the local mac hard drive) from the beginning, everything works perfect!!

If you have Unity pro or at least an AssetServer client license (TEAM license) i would strongly recommend to use a local AssetServer. In the company i work we use the same workflow. We develop on windows machines which we use to build for Android and have a mac to build for iOS. I just commit my changes and update on the mac. That way i don’t have to switch the build target and only things that have changed are reimported which takes just a sec or two.