Save project on Google Drive

Hi, I’m new to Unity so I’m sorry if my question may look silly. I usually work on a folder in Google Drive so to have my work files on all my computers.

The problem is that when Unity is saving scrips or others in background it shows me a message (which I link below) in which it says that it can’t copy a file from the Temp folder to the Library folder. It says Access Denied. I think it regards authorizations but couldn’t find a solution in the forums.

Someone con help me? Tnx! :)!

Here’s the message:

Hello, @cucco84 i don’t think working on google drive is a good idea. Unity have is own cloud called Collaborate i use it to share a project on my 2 pc you should try it.

Thank you for your answer, @WhiteCry!

I don’t know Collaborate so I’ll check it but my question remains since I’m using it with my working team and we keep all the work projects on Google Drive…