Save static fields values

I would like to keep some of static fields from static class between sessions.

private static KeyCode[] KeyRight = new KeyCode[4];
private static KeyCode[] KeyLeft = new KeyCode[4];
private static KeyCode[] KeyUp = new KeyCode[4];
private static KeyCode[] KeyDown = new KeyCode[4];

These are variables i want to keep and load their values at start. I’d like to them to keep controls for 4 players (that’s why these are arrays). I use functions to set/get their values. This class is static, other classes just use Get functions to load keys from it. Can you help me with that?

One solution is to use PlayerPrefs.

		// Saving
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt("KeyRight_0", (int)KeyRight[0]);
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt("KeyRight_1", (int)KeyRight[1]);
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt("KeyRight_2", (int)KeyRight[2]);
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt("KeyRight_3", (int)KeyRight[3]);

		// Loading
		KeyRight[0] = (KeyCode) PlayerPrefs.GetInt("KeyRight_0");
		KeyRight[1] = (KeyCode) PlayerPrefs.GetInt("KeyRight_1");
		KeyRight[2] = (KeyCode) PlayerPrefs.GetInt("KeyRight_2");
		KeyRight[3] = (KeyCode) PlayerPrefs.GetInt("KeyRight_3");