Save the achievements done offline and resent them when online GameCenter Prime31


I’m having an issue with the prime31 plugin for GameCenter.

I’m trying to do a system that saves my achievements done while offline and that resents them next time online. My system seems to work but I get all the Completion banner for each achievements resent (in a row) and I don’t like that (cf my other question: Question). Mike from Prime31 told me that Apple have a system for that. So basically I was reinventing the wheel. I thought about it before tried and it didn’t worked so I tried to do my system.

Apple Gamecenter is supposed to save the achievements that have failed to report and send them again when it is possible.

The problem is, when I’m offline (logged in GameCenter but disconnected from internet), the achievement report doesn’t seems to fail, I don’t get the “reportAchievementFailed: error” from the GameCenterEventListener.cs but it’s not saved in the GameCenter (if I open the achievements in the gamecenter the achievement isn’t done).

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong really, and why it’s not considered as a fail. And how can I do to have the GameCenter that considers the report as failed and saves it for the next time online.

Any idea is welcome!

Thanks for your help

Do not open the achievements immediately, but add them to the list. Then, in the presence of the Internet sends a request to the achievement from the list. This intercalation should work.