Save the date of first run


I want to know how can I save the date of first run of the game, so I can compare it with each days date and according to days passed the game will do some thing. I would really appreciate if you help me. Or show me some documents since I didn’t know what to search.

Thanks in advanced

As @Deathdefy suggested, you could use PlayerPrefs - but with some extra code to ensure that the launch date would be saved only once. The logic is simple: try to read the initial date and, if there’s none, save the current date. You must save the date as a string, since PlayerPrefs doesn’t handle DateTime directly. Subtracting the launch date from the current date produces a TimeSpan value, which can be converted to days.

All of these weird functions and types are part of Mono/.Net (see .Net docs for more details), and you must import the namespace System in order to introduce them to Unity’s JS. The code could be something like this:

#pragma strict

import System; // introduce DateTime to the script

function Start(){
	// try to get the launch date saved as a string:
	var savedDate: String = PlayerPrefs.GetString("LaunchDate", "");
	if (savedDate == ""){ // if not saved yet...
		// convert current date to string...
		savedDate = DateTime.Now.ToString();
		// and save it in PlayerPrefs as LaunchDate:
		PlayerPrefs.SetString("LaunchDate", savedDate);
	// at this point, the string savedDate contains the launch date
	// let's convert it to DateTime:
	var launchDate: DateTime;
	DateTime.TryParse(savedDate, launchDate);
	// get current DateTime:
	var now: DateTime = DateTime.Now;
	// calculate days ellapsed since launch date:
	var days: long = (now-launchDate).Days;
	print("Days since first launch:"+days);

You can save it to your Playerprefs and load it up the exact same way.


This will save the month day and year of the first launch.

You can access it by using GetString…

string dateTime = PlayerPrefs.GetString(“FirstLaunchTime”);