Save Unity Web Player Game

Is it possible to save a Unity web player game? I was looking at this question: How Do I Save Unity Web Player Game. But I couldn’t seem to understand if it worked with what I was asking. If it is possible, how would I use the method in that link to save a Unity web player game?

If you want to download a Unity web player game to disk do the following:

First save the html file that displays the game (right click save as).
Open the html file in notepad (or similar) and look for the (if it has not been renamed) this should have an element like this:

<embed src="build.unity3d" type="application/vnd.unity" width="960" height="600" firstframecallback="UnityObject2.instances[0].firstFrameCallback();" enabledebugging="0" style="display: block; width: 960px; height: 600px;">

if the site does not prohibit this, you can download the build.unity3d (or whatever it is named, you can find it in the code) by going to (where is the url where the game is stored and “build.unity3d” is whatever is in the src of the embed element).

Put both files in the same folder (or similar folder structure as it was on the page, alternatively you can edit the embed element to point to the data file) and open the .html in a browser. If you have the unity webplayer installen it should run.

You can test this by downloading one of my games from: to play them offline.

The question if it is legal is a hard one, it depends on the wishes of the person hosting it. But personally If i would host a game on a site I wouldn’t mind someone playing it offline.