saven data files (Units, Gold, Items, unlocked levels) on devices

hey there
i am developing a mobile game and reached the point where i have to figure out how to save the data of the players.
like, how much golg, what units and so on…
i heard, playerprefs are not good, because they dont encrypt or something…?
so i would like to know what is a good solution, what are other studios using?
i would love to hear some different possibilities and why they are good :slight_smile:

oh yeah, it will be an offline game, but maybe i want to make later a highscore or add an multiplayer…

thank you much !

I use custom binary files for saves.
If you search “Saving Data in Unity” on youtube you will find many saving options like PlayerPrefs, Custom Binary Files, XML Files, Scriptable Objects and in each there are explained the pros and cons.
Ask if you need something more.