Saving 30 bools in an array possible?

Hi, I’ve been struggling finding a way to save 30 booleans to an array in C# so I can save that for the next time I load up.

The boolean’s are basicly | Normal/pro version > 3 difficulties > 5 Chapters |.

As example. I Complete “Normal-Medium-3” I want to be able to safe that to an array(I use PlayerPrefs2 to safe it) And then when I restart the game I can see that “Normal-Medium-3” is completed.

If you wanted to save all of the booleans in an array, I would suggest looking at ArrayPrefs2 on unity3d wiki.
With this you can just use SetBoolArray and GetBoolArray with playerprefs to save the states of all of your chapters.

you can save 32 bools in just one int by using | and &