Saving a button in PlayerPrefs

Is it possible to save a button in PlayerPrefs?
I have 5 levels in my game. I would like to have a “Restart Level 2” button appear on the first scene of my project after the player reaches Level 2(Scene 2) and remains stored in PlayerPrefs just like my Highscore is saved in PlayerPrefs. Is this possible?
Below is my Highscore script using PlayerPrefs to store my highscore. I’d like to convert this script or add a function that will turn on a Level 2 Button. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I’m not sure how to do this.
Thanx for any input!

var r : float = 1;
var g : float = 0;
var b : float = 0;
var a : float = 1;

static var Score : int = 0;

function Start(){

     guiText.text = "High Score: "+Score;
	 var color : Color = Color (r, g, b, a);
		  // Change the material to display green text.
        guiText.material.color = color;

function AddPoints() {
	guiText.text = "High Score: "+Score;

function Awake() {
Score = 0;

function Reset(){
Score = 1200;

function ResetLevel3(){

Score = 2100;

function ResetLevel4(){

Score = 3200;

function ResetLevel5(){

Score = 4400;

var HighestScore : int = 0;   
var oldScore : int;

function AddScore(){
   HighestScore = Score;
            // new score is higher than the stored score
            oldScore = PlayerPrefs.GetInt(i+"HighScore");
            HighestScore = oldScore;
         HighestScore = 0;

var Score1 : int;

function UpdateHScore(){

    Score1 = (PlayerPrefs.GetInt("0HighScore")); 
    guiText.text = "High Score: "+Score1;

Below is my button script. “Quit” Button that appears after a player dies.

// Draws 2 buttons, one with an image, and other with a text
// And print a message when they got clicked.
var btnTexture : Texture;
function OnGUI() {
if (!btnTexture) {
Debug.LogError("Please assign a texture on the inspector");

if (GUI.Button(Rect(530,285,150,50),"QUIT"))

Time.timeScale =1;


Again. I’m trying to save a(any) button in PlayerPrefs so that if the player returns to play the game a week later he or she can access the last level they played. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx
ps Please just make a “comment” if you don’t have a specific answer. Thanx


you could save Level Name (using Application.loadedLevelName) as string, or Level Number (using Application.loadedLevel) as int to your PlayerPrefs using SetString for string name or SetInt for int number.
Like This:

PlayerPrefs.SetString("Level Name",Application.loadedLevelName); // for level name as string
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Level Name",Application.loadedLevel); // for level number


Since you are saving current loaded level when player dyes, it will save the name or level number of the current level loaded.

Then you can display a button which will load level name into the button’s text from PlayerPrefs, and on click will load appropriate level, like this:

if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,70,50,30),"Load "+ PlayerPrefs.GetString("Level Name")))
Application.LoadLevel(PlayerPrefs.GetString("Level Name"));


if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,70,50,30),"Load Level"+ PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Level Name")))
    Application.LoadLevel(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Level Name"));


Well, you can store booleans in your PlayerPrefs as well- why don’t you use a set of boolean values which tell the menu whether to activate the buttons? Alternatively, you could use an int for ‘highest level reached’ and set up the button using that instead.

so, having retrieved your button value-